Kanzokea Water Company Limited provides clean piped metered water to the residence and businesses of Kangundo town and it’s environ.

We have 10 Water Mart points where residence can buy water at affordable rates, since 2004.


Majifina water is bottled in the following water bottle sizes:-

– 500 ml

– 1 liter

– 5 liter

– 10 liter

– 20 liters

Deliveries are done to offices and homes.

We also do personal branding according to the customer needs.

Majifina and Kanzokea water has more than 20 full time and part time employees to cater to the growing demand for our product.

If you would like to place and order, kindly get in touch with us.



Majifina Bottled Water

PO BOX 1153-90115

Kangundo – Kenya.

Cell – 0795096226